Wednesday, August 1, 2007

work, home nurses

I went to the "retreat" for work this morning. Really, it was just a big day-long meeting in an off-campus location. In any case, my goal in going was to meet the new teachers and let my face be known. That was successful, and I left after lunch :)

I was able to make an announcement with my happy health news, and people clapped for what felt like a long time. It felt good :) A teacher who I almost never talk to came up to me later and said that it gave her chills and brought tears to her eyes. It was sweet.

The (new 5th grade) teacher I was randomly paired with for a get-to-know-you activity turned out to be a cancer survivor. Kind of neat to talk to him for a minute.

I also got a compliment on the schedule. (I made the specials schedule for the building for this year.) It is nice to get a little recognition. I don't do it to be recognized, but it does take a lot of time, and I do try to make it so that it works well, so it's nice to get a little "good job" here and there.


The home nurses are supposed to come tomorrow, take blood, clean out the line, change the dressing, make sure it's OK, etc. I hadn't heard from them to know when they would be here, so I called today and left a message. There is a string training in the afternoon that I would like to go to, so the home nurse should come in the morning. I'm mostly hoping that I haven't slipped through cracks - I need to have bloodwork done tomorrow. I'll call again first thing in the morning.

More as it happens...

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