Friday, September 26, 2008

no, not Mambo No. 5...

I had PET scan number 5 this morning. I'm an old pro. Since all of them have been negative so far, and I have no reason to believe any of them will ever be anything but negative, my only anxieties about these are getting the IV. The last two have both been one-stick days, and fortunately, today was no different :)

They check blood sugar, as the test apparently won't work if blood sugar is too high. I always forget about that, so there's always one more poke than I'm ready for. Not a huge deal (or I'd remember it), just annoying.

Anyway, this morning was easy. My check-in time was 6:30, so I was (am) super-sleepy. Regardless of being there before the sun came up, I was third in line to check in. I fell asleep in the machine (which is OK, as I was strapped in).

I put sunscreen on before I left (have I mentioned how much I LOVE sunscreen?), and the nice lady who walked me out neglected to mention that I had a white stripe down my nose.

Anyway, my doc's appointment isn't for two more weeks. I'm guessing I'll get a "your scan was fine" phone call some time before then.