Sunday, August 30, 2009

the search for a cure for chemo boobs

Time wears on, and still, my boobs rise and fall like the tides.

OK, maybe not really like tides. But they do swell and un-swell on a monthly basis. Except in June they swelled and didn't un-swell until August, and then it was only part way. And now they're swelling again. It's so weird.

So I went to a doc shortly after my previous post. She told me that everyone has a "thing" from chemo, and that's mine. Wow. That was a highly unsatisfying answer.

I made an appointment with the doc who I had initially wanted to see, but her next appointment was a month out. Again, my appointment was a month away, but I decided she had come highly recommended and that it was hopefully worth the wait.

So on Thursday, I had my appointment. She was great. I don't have any more answers than I had a month ago, but there are lots of things we're going to do to see what answers we get. She also gave me recommendations for supplements to take (vitamin E apparently can help to relieve symptoms of PMS) and called yesterday with a recommendation for an OB-gyn to go to. So I need to make an appointment with her.

It very well may end up that this is just a "thing" and there's not much to do about it — or that the treatment for it is something I'm not willing to do — but at least we're looking for some answers.