Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I am looking to change my eating habits a bit more when this is all over ... move a little closer to vegetarian (I've been inching there for years now) ... eat less processed food (decision made directly as a result of cancer) ... If anyone has any good vegetarian recipes that they want to share, I'd love to see them. (I don't like mushrooms or peppers.) Also, if you have any other thoughts/suggestions in this realm, I'm open to them....

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This winter my sister had surgery on her Achilles Heel and almost died from a blood clot. She lives in Virginia, but I was very glad to have been there for her during and after her surgery. Her husband drowned in their pool three years ago and she would have been all alone on top of a mountain on 20 acres. The clot(s) three of them, were in her lung and she wasn't making any sense. I thought she took too many pain pills from the operation and forgot what she took. I was SO MAD AT her! Instead I called 911. It was the clots that were making her loopy. THANK GOD I called the ambulance - she almost died. MAKE SURE, while on your veggie quest, which veggies are safe to eat. There was quite a list for her. She JUST got off the Cumadin she was on since January. No need to complicate things any more than necessary. Hopefully your doctor gave you a flyer with the list of Do's and Don'ts on what to digest (like you have so much you want to choose from already!)

As far as the RAT's ASS Blog spot...If you're on Cumadin, did you know it was rat poison? Go find some rats and share. Then you can give all the rats asses you feel like giving! (Just don't send me any for Christmas, K?

Laura G.