Sunday, August 26, 2007

not directly cancer-related

If you or someone you know (besides me!) lives and pays taxes in AZ and would like to make a tax credit donation, let me know.

A tax credit donation works like this: you choose a school (or district, or a specific program in a school) to give some of your tax money to (up to $200 filing singly, $400 filing jointly). You fill out a short form and mail it with a check to the school district. It is applied to your AZ taxes as a dollar-for-dollar credit. (You can also claim it as a deduction on your federal taxes if you itemize.)

So you say "I want Heather's program to get the money." You send a check, the state gives it to me and also gives it back to you. Win-win!!

This whole cancer thing has messed up my plans for acquiring tax credit dollars, so I'm going to have to go door-to-door (computer-to-computer?), as it were.

If you are willing to give any tax credit money to my program, please click here for the form, and on the line where it asks where you want the money to go, write "Bethune Instrumental Music."

If you want more info about how I am planning to spend the money, leave me a message and I'll answer it :)

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