Sunday, August 5, 2007


The home nurse came after the inservice on Thursday, but she was here for an hour and a half! Very slow. Sheesh. One more home visit (from her? dunno) on Wednesday, and that'll be all for that little weird chapter.

The PICC line is getting annoying, but four days from right now, it'll be long since out, and I will be at my celebratory dinner, since THURSDAY IS MY LAST CHEMO!!!!

I don't know anything about radiation yet. I'm hoping to learn it all this week.

It is weird not to be gearing up for school, but I have so many things on my "to do" list that I will be able to keep busy the whole time I'm out, regardless of how long that is.

Musings on being a housewife: it's weird to be home while TJ is working. I have offered to make dinner each night (to which he replied, "Then I can just clean up every night." :) ) and to do the rest of the cleaning around here. It makes sense that I would do all that, as long as I am feeling well, since I'm home anyway. He said he doesn't want it to be 'unfair' and is happy to do whatever he has been doing (which is generally plenty), which is nice, but I can't see splitting things the way we have when we're both working being 'fair.' We'll see how it goes...

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