Monday, August 20, 2007

what's this blog about?

I have been posting on a private blog and decided to start one up that was public. I will bring over old posts from the other one that deal with this crazy cancer journey, for anyone with a lot of time and interest. I'll keep the dates on the old ones accurate, so it all makes better sense.

For anyone on my e-mail updates lists: I do post things that aren't in the e-mails. Whenever a post is a copy/paste or condensation of the e-mail, I'll warn you at the beginning of the post.

We'll see how this works...

cast of characters:
my husband is TJ
my oncologist is Dr. Oncology
my radiologist is Dr. Radiology
others introduced as needed

edit: I've moved over posts from July and August, and that's all for now. More later.

edit again: the moving of the posts is complete. As I was reading, I realized there are some holes at the beginning. If you have questions about anything, just ask :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, I just glanced your blog from my last update with you. I'd like to think that today and everyday is a good day for you, as much as I know that isn't true, my wishes and hope are still there. I want you to know that I do pray for your health.
I see you still have a sence of humor (Dizzychick). I also noticed the time of your blogs. Getting any rest?

Heater Dizzychick said...

If you want me to respond to you off the blog, you'll have to tell me who you are....

As for getting rest: I get some sometimes. Last night I was up reaaaaaaaaaly late, but that's not normally true.

The weekend after chemo, I sleep A LOT. The 4-6 days after that, I have trouble sleeping. Until the next chemo, I sleep well. Repeat.