Thursday, August 30, 2007

a few small bits

Went for a walk/jog Tuesday night. Most of it was walking, though at a brisk (for me) pace, with some jogging in the middle of it. I tried to do the last half block of jogging at a "strong finish" speed, only to learn that that speed is not much faster than I was already going, and that I really didn't have the gas for that. Lesson learned. My legs are still sore :(

The home nurse Wednesday morning said that the PICC line is OK, that if it was infected it would hurt and be red and swollen. A little sore is normal. Good to hear. Hoping hoping hoping that it's out in another week. I'd like to work on my arms.

I made an appointment with the oncology counselor to talk about the whole anger thing (since it's not so much like me). The appointment was yesterday. She didn't offer me any fabulous insights (though I made one small one on my own). I would think that this would make the session fall into the pile of "counseling sessions that weren't helpful." But it didn't. It felt good to process things. I've been processing them all along, but for whatever reason, this was different, and it was good. I made another appointment for next week.

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