Wednesday, June 27, 2007

another "not me" moment

I just got an e-mail from a work friend. Her husband has cancer, which they've known for a while. I don't know other details about it except that he's kind of weak and isn't working.

They went to PA for vacation.

Her message said that on Monday he had emergency surgery: "cancer everywhere, huge mass, about the size of a football"

Wow. Happy vacation.

Again, my initial reaction was, "Oh my goodness! Poor them!!" I sent her a quick message, not knowing if she'd get it or not (she doesn't check e-mail often anyway and is on vacation).

Second reaction: "It's not me."

I hope they're OK and able to come home soon. She said one to three weeks. So now, since my diagnosis, three people I am two or three degrees removed from have died (I only posted here about two), and one person had emergency surgery for a cancer mass the size of a football.

While I appreciate the reminders that I'm in good shape, y'all can knock this off now! I remember! Sheesh...

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