Sunday, June 3, 2007

I can't remember ever being so tired

I'm sure that when I had mono I was this tired. I must have been. But man, I sure don't remember it.

Last night, my head was so heavy...

Today, it has been tiring getting in and out of chairs, to say nothing of actually walking around.

I am hoping that this is largely due to two non-chemo factors:

1-I have not had a good night's sleep in weeks. I did feel a bit better after each of the naps I took today.

2-I have no appetite, so I'm eating when I'm hungry to stave off hunger. Perhaps if I eat a little more proactively, I'll be less tired.

We'll see how it goes. This stretch of time is going to be harder than I thought if I'm this exhausted all the time ... :(

"I am a resilient woman who is strong, which makes me feel empowered."
"I am a medical miracle."

I am really honkin' tired.

In other news, the second opinion came back the same as the first, so there are no surprises there.

That's all from here, I think...

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