Saturday, June 23, 2007


Well, the hair is going. I expect that in another week or less I will be bald. Actually, I hope it, 'cause right now it's kind of patchy and ugly.

Also, on my left side, you can see all the veins in my upper chest into my shoulder and part way down my arm. I figure it's a side effect of the blood clot and will go away when circulation returns to normal.

Speaking of circulation, I want to have in writing somewhere that I am sure, based on how I feel, that the changes they made to my blood thinner were wrong and that they will go back to the dosage they started at. (I was on the shots when they did the first blood test, and that was twice as much meds as the pills, but they cut the pills in half (1 instead of 2 per day). I think they should go back to two a day.) I am going to call and leave a message and request (*gasp!*) a blood test to be read stat on Monday. My arm is swelling again and it's getting more uncomfortable, and I don't want to wait until Thursday for them to fix it.

Otherwise, I've been feeling good and have gone out several times this weekend (yaye!!!). It's nice to be kind of normal. The sad news is that I'm not allowed to exercise until the swelling goes down. Another reason to go in on Monday! 'Course, by the time it makes a difference, I'll have another treatment and be on the couch for several days .... that's OK. I'm going anyway!

Here is a pic that I took of the inside of the shirt I was wearing. All those hairs on it are just from putting it on and taking it off...

I went to see the wig and hat lady yesterday. I got a wig (with a coupon for a free styling - I'll post a pic after someone has made it decent-looking) which I'll wear only for fun. It's not very comfortable. I also got 4 hats and a scarf. I like my hats. I used to wear hats a lot, then I stopped wearing them so much. But I look good in them. Perhaps this will start a new personal trend.

I have gained back some weight, so I'm not as skinny. The cycle isn't so frightening to me any more. (Looking to lose weight? Try chemotherapy!)

That's the story to date. More as it happens. More pics when either I'm completely bald (or close) or have my wig styled...

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