Tuesday, June 12, 2007

the latest drama

Well, last night around 9, I started to have pain in my knees. By 9:30, it was pretty close to intolerable. TJ took me to the ER.

Skipping for now all of the fabulous details, basically, they did ultrasound of my legs, looking for blood clots: there aren't any. (This is good.) They did x-rays and never mentioned them again, so there's probably nothing on those, either, though I will inquire.

With morphine and later percocet, the pain went away. A minute or two ago, my knees started to get a little achy, but they've been fine all day.

Until that minute or two ago, I had attributed the pain to psychosomatics. While disturbing that I could create that much pain (it really was amazing how much it hurt ... and how I couldn't do anything about it), it was kind of reaffriming: if I can create that kind of pain, certainly I can significantly speed up the disappearance of a tumor :) and lung fluid :)

and now, a blood clot :(

My left arm was swollen, so they did an ultrasound on that, too (that was going to be done this morning, regardless, just not in the ER). There is a clot. Dr. Oncology said it's not a big deal (to the docs, though he realizes it's a new thing for me), and that with some meds it'll go away. So I'm on some kind of blood thinner (don't remember) and get it daily as a shot to my tummy. Not exciting. So it goes.

What is it from? The PICC line. The thing I was so happy to have a couple of weeks ago so they wouldn't have to poke me any more is having the residual effect of more pokes. Irony is really not necessary.

But the good news of the day was that I'm not neutropenic any more, which means I can eat normally for the next week-ish. Yaye! I miss fruits and veggies and hard crunchy things...

So I'm in the hospital and will be here overnight. Doc said there shouldn't be any reason to be here past tomorrow morning. We'll see...

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