Monday, November 5, 2007

the weekend went OK

Well, it's Monday morning, and I am feeling pretty good. No throwing up this weekend, though there was no shortage of nausea. It's all good. And it's only happening once more :) :) :)

I mentioned in my last post that I had a few links regarding cancer and obesity. Here they are:

(As if there was not already enough to be concerned with for friends and family who are overweight (heart disease, diabetes, and all the side effects of both of those!), we add this in to the mix of potential issues. It's not worth it! That's really all I can say...)

One more treatment, on November 15, and then chemo-hell is over!!

I'll know some time in the next month what my radiation schedule looks like. I know I get a month off between chemo and radiation, which means the earliest radiation would start is December 17 (the 15th is a Saturday). I'm hoping to get in, get it started, and get it done.

I know you're all jealous because you want radiation for Christmas, too, but not everyone can have it... ;)

Next weekend is the walk for lymphoma that I'm participating in. If you would like to sign up to walk on my team (it's a 5K walk through the zoo) or would like to donate, go to this link:
(Click on "My Team Page" and then "Join My Team" to sign up to walk with "Heat's Herd.")

That's all from here for the moment!

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