Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I have been stuck by a needle six times today so far. (I say "so far," though I am not anticipating any more.)

I went to get a PET scan this morning. Needle Poke No. 1: they poked my finger to get a reading on my blood sugar. This is a test that requires four hours of fasting, though I don't know why and I didn't ask.

PET scans require an injection of radioactive stuff (that the machine subsequently photographs). Needle Poke Nos. 2, 3, 4: unsuccessful attempts at inserting an IV. I haven't been poked for a while, but that didn't change my ability to stave off tears only until the failure of the second attempt. And, one of the only times this ever happened to me, the third attempt hurt pretty significantly (usually it's just uncomfortable and a little pinchy).

Needle Poke No. 5: successful IV insertion. Minimal pain. IV worked long enough to flush it, put in the radioactive stuff, flush again. (It only stays in a couple of minutes.)

[PET scan was otherwise uneventful. I'll have results tomorrow.]

Needle Poke No. 6: I needed to have my weekly blood test done today (so I can have results tomorrow, before schlepping out to CA). Fortunately, the gal that did it was very good and needed only one attempt.

I will so not miss the needles. I will so never be addicted to anything that is injected.

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