Friday, November 2, 2007

chemo #11 - almost done

Well, yesterday was chemo #11.

My doc's appointment went pretty well. We talked for a few minutes about all my new nasty side effects last time around. He brainstormed a little (had I been in contact with people with a bug?) and gave me some new anti-nausea meds. He also told me if they didn't work, to call for something else, not just to sit around in misery. Good to know.

I should have had chemo at about 10:30. Just about that time, one of the nurses came out and said that they didn't have the results of my labs and that they were re-ordering them STAT but that it would likely take about four hours. She confirmed my phone number. I came home and went back later when they called. I'm glad I live nearby.

I had a few funky weird sensations that I've not had before while the drugs were being dripped. They weren't painful, but they caused me some concern, partially because they were mostly in my chest, and partially because I've never had them before.

If this weekend is as bad as last time, I'm going to ask the doctor when I see him how necessary this last treatment is. I'd rather not be really sick and just take the last one and be done ... though a weekend of throwing up might be worth getting out of some chemo. We'll see what happens.

Anyway, the doc and I also talked about weight. He said it is unusual for him to see a patient who isn't overweight. We talked about exercise and how great it is. We talked about how risky being overweight is as far as cancer is concerned, not to mention diabetes and heart disease. When I send out my e-mail update, I'll put more about that in there, including a couple of links that I happened to have read on Wednesday. (I'll post the links here, too, some time later.)

I decided to hold off on the update until this weekend is over, to see how it goes.

Feeling mostly OK so far.

That's about all from here. More after the weekend, most likely...

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