Thursday, November 8, 2007

fun things

Last week, I got to dance with my dance teacher in the atrium of the hospital in scrubs. It was a blast. Kind of a long story as to how it came to be, and I don't feel like typing that much right now. Here is one of the pics I got from the PR people today:

Since I'm posting a pic, I'll put in a little plug for Chad here. He's an awesome dance teacher. If you live in the Phoenix area and want to dance, I recommend him. He teaches ballroom, Latin, NY Hustle/Argentine tango, swing through Tempe Parks and Rec four sessions per year. His studio is Arthur Murray, at Indian School and 12th St (I think). More info at or at

As a result of the dancing, PR called me and asked if they could do a patient profile of me for their November video newsletter. I went yesterday and was video-interviewed. It was a little scary and a lot fun. I'll get a copy of it in a few weeks.

That's all from here for now :)

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