Tuesday, July 3, 2007

hair ... again (or still?)

Well, I had some clothes and things that were just coated in hair, so I tossed them in the wash today, anticipating the hair leaving them. Whie there is less hair on these items now, there is not no hair on them, and there is additionally hair on things that were also in the wash that were previously hair-free. *sigh* I'm going to need to just go at everything with some masking tape and pick it all up that way. Bummer.

My hair is just barely long enough to grab ahold of with fingertips. It's looked the same for several days, but it comes out in bigger clumps again now (chemo working again? took a break? who knows?), so I guess the rest of it will go soon.

The water in the shower feels a little funny, as does driving with the windows down. And when I scratch an itch, that feels weird, on both my scratching finger and my head. Otherwise, not much difference between buzzed hair and buzzed-but-mostly-gone hair.

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