Monday, July 23, 2007

good news :)

(This is entirely a copy/paste from the email update.)

I had my PET scan on Thursday (thought I was having a CT scan, but I was wrong). They're similar and use what appears to be the same kind of machine that makes me glad I'm not claustrophobic. Anyway, aside from the three attempts to get in an IV, it was an easy procedure.

I called the doctor's office on Friday morning, just before we left for San Diego, and asked them to call my cell phone whenever they had the results, if they were able to disclose them over the phone. No phone call Friday, so I assumed I'd just find out on Thursday.

Well, on the way home today, there was a phone call!! The nurse said that they received the results and Dr. Oncology reviewed them and the mass is significantly reduced and is responding well, and that there is (still) no concern in any other area. This is the first scan that was whole-body (the last one was whole torso).

I will get more details from the doc on Thursday (like: how much reduced? how many more treatments?)

I was disappointed to learn that it was still there at all, but I really can't complain. I was a bit nervous that it wasn't doing anything (slight nervous, didn't surface too often), since I am, for the most part, feeling pretty well. Which brings me to ...

The paperwork to excuse me from work was handed in last week. It feels weird not to be going back to work, especially since I feel pretty good most of the time. I'm sure one day with kids all day would kick me really hard onto my butt. Medically, they don't want me to get sick (in an elementary school? never!), because I can't take regular meds with the chemo. Infection = hospital stay. I love teaching and love the kids, but not enough to risk going back to the friggin' hospital.

That's my story. I'll let y'all know on Thursday what I learn at my appointment.

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