Monday, July 2, 2007

chemo #3 and the weekend

Well, the third round was on Thursday. As with last time, it took two nurses and three tries before they had a functioning IV. I could do without that drama.

I had questions about diet and the blood thinners and so on answered at my appointment ahead of time, which was good. My doc is on vacation, so it was a different doc in the office. Some of the questions I'll have to ask again, 'cause the answers are based on the doc's opinion...

I still don't know when they'll check for progress (that is an opinion question, apparently). I'm hoping it's soon. I will ask my doc when I see him.

Until this past weekend, I had been pretty tired but not sick. Yesterday I threw up for the first time in this whole process. I'm not sure if it was just my stomach, or if it was a stomach-what I put in it combo. Pineapple juice. Yum. Not bad the second time, either.

I have been having trouble staying hydrated, as water at this point tends to taste nasty. (They said some things might take on a metallic taste. It's a side effect.) So in real life, I drink water, and that's about all. Sometimes I drink tea, though the caffeine isn't good for treatments, so I haven't been. I like chocolate milkshakes and strawberry smoothies, but I'll weigh 1,000 pounds if I get all my hydration from those. The current solution? Otter pops :) My stomach tolerated them yesterday, as did my mind and mouth, so that's the current working plan.

My veins are having a tough time of it, and the phlebotomist on Wednesday said that they're getting ready to collapse. All healing energy is currently being directed to the veins. I need them to stay in good shape until either this is all done or until the blood clot goes away and we can use both arms, whichever comes first.

Many people came to visit this weekend while TJ was gone, which was nice. I made it to a friend's housewarming party, which I was glad about, too.

I think that's all from here for the moment. I thought there was something else, but I can't remember what it was. I'll post it later if I think of it.

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