Wednesday, September 26, 2007

a pause for life

Well, my chemo weekend was about what they've been - didn't feel well, slept a lot, ate little, and was back to just about normal by Monday.

With the exception of hot tubs, massages, and vitamins, I am restriction-free :)

Yesterday, I rode my bike to get my bloodwork done. It was about 7 miles round trip, and my legs were pretty cranky by the time I got back, but it felt fabulous to get out and ride, and it was an absolutely beautiful morning - perfect for biking.

My hair is growing back in. It's still thinner than normal, but it's definitely more than what it was a month ago.

I am getting the PICC put back in on Oct 17 and have chemo again on Oct 18 - a pause in the action so I can attend my sister's wedding. (Then after that one, only two more - we're in the home stretch!)

I don't anticipate having any cancer-related news before then, so if you're checking in to see what's going on, and there's nothing going on, well, that's a good thing :)

That's all the news from here. Hopefully signing off for a few weeks - I am already enjoying the break!!!

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