Tuesday, September 18, 2007

back to where I started: the PCP

I called my PCP (Dr. PCP) today to make an appointment about my butt. Suffice to say, it's having some issues. Well, she doesn't have an appointment available until October 1; my butt won't wait that long. They could give me an appointment with another doc a week from Thursday. Anything this week? Well, another doc had a cancellation at 11:30 (phone call at 10:30), if you can make it then. OK. So I went. When I checked in, I asked if Dr. PCP happened to have any cancellations. Nope, sorry. OK. Bummer, but OK.

Well, when the nurse took me in, she said I would see Dr. PCP! Yaye! Apparently, she and the other doc switched their 11:30 appointments. She came in and we sat and talked for quite some time. Including a little inspection, we were there for probably half an hour or so. Unlike what I had thought was happening, she wasn't being kept up-to-date from the hospital on what was going on with me. She had results of the scans and tests, but that was all!! So she wanted to know what was going on and said she had called once but no one was home. I told her that if she ever did that to please leave a message and I'd be glad to call her back. She said that when she leaves messages, she tends to get panicked return calls. I told her no worries, please leave a message.

I gave her the long brief version of my cancer tale. (Really, I could talk about all the stuff that has happened for hours, easily.) She gave me a prescription, and I left.

Somewhere in there, I thanked her for sending me for an X-ray, even though it was "just in case." Who knows what would have happened if she had kind of blown it off... Two of the three people who I talk to at all regularly are in the boat they're in because a doctor blew them off. I am grateful not to be there.

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