Tuesday, September 11, 2007

more details

i had an appointment with dr. radiology today. he and dr. oncology should be talking tomorrow. i am supposed to call dr. oncology tomorrow to find out what they decide.

i told dr. radiology i'm ready to move on, mentioned that i've had two complete cycles (4 treatments) since my negative scan...

things i learned today:

if i have more chemo, it'll be four *more* treatments. because of my travel schedule, that takes us to a week before thanksgiving. i'm not mentally or emotionally prepared for this to go on that much longer.

more chemo will have no bearing on how much radiation i get.

dr. radiology does not feel that another pet scan is necessary. i told him i didn't care if i had one or not.

he has seen tumors that literally doubled in size overnight. *yikes!*

the problems with the heart and arteries, as a side effect of radiation, are not common, and keeping my LDL low is the best thing i can do for preventative maintenance.

the last three weeks, i haven't been sleeping so well. this is from the chemo (surprise), and i can take a benadryl at night, if i want, to help me sleep.

also, in roughly the same time frame, my vision has been funky. it's blurry sometimes. i learned today that this is also a side effect of the chemo and it will go away eventually.

that's all i know. i am assuming i will find out the verdict on chemo versus done tomorrow. keeping everything crossed that crosses.....

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