Sunday, June 15, 2008

hello, strangers

As you might have noticed, I have a counter on my blog. It is interesting to me to see how many hits this blog gets, even though I don't know who it is.

Through the stat counter, I can find out the rough location of people who click on my blog, and the link they used to find my blog, if any.

Most of the hits I've gotten since putting this counter on have been through Google and have landed on the picture of the PICC. These hits are literally world-wide.

When I did the radio show, there were a few hits from Chad's website.

There are occasional hits from Facebook and from a message board I frequent when I have time.

Some people know about the blog and just type in the address. I can usually take a general guess as to who those might be based on location, though there are a couple that have me baffled.

Anyway, I'm just taking a moment to say hello to all of you who I don't know, or who I know but don't know you're here. Feel free to leave a comment saying "hi." If you want to contribute to my book, feel free. I had put a deadline on it, but I've done much less work on it so far than I had expected.

With that, off to the gym! Getting stronger every day!! I'm planning to run another 5K in the fall, when it's a little cooler. The new most recent time to beat is roughly 34:00, but I'd still love to get back down to under 30:00.........

And Alicia, wherever you are, whatever is going on, I hope you're OK...


Alicia said...

Thank you!

Timothy Takemoto said...

For some unknown reason I wanted to know what a PICC line is too.

Your blog is linked from here

Nice hair.

I read a novel about Hodgkins about 30 years ago. It was scary because the hero/patient was not told what was wrong with him.