Tuesday, October 23, 2007

feeling better

well, after a not-so-pleasant four-day weekend, i am feeling better today. i went to the doctor's office to get blood taken (through the PICC), and they gave me saline for hydration. i felt much better afterwards. i'm able to eat a bit now, too. so, things are back on an upswing :)

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Dena B. said...

Good Day-
I have a question for you. I am too 31 and I suffer with an auto immune disease called Mysathenia Gravis also known as MG. It is in the MS family. Every month for two days I get an IV treatment called IVIG. My veins are not handling it well. IN between I am suffering with sever sever migraines which causes more IV's and hospital trips. I am being considered for a PICC line. I am super nervous about this choice. I am very active am I hate to admit that I am afraid this will hurt and hold me back.

I guess my question is how uncomfortable is it? Can you still do normal activities? Can you swim. Do you experience's pain with it? I would love some one on one feedback and answers from someone other then my neuromuscular doctor. Thank you so much For your time. Can you e-mail me back at busboom@gmail.com. I thank you

Dena Busboom
Chandler, AZ