Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Second Chance

I just scanned through my posts and can't believe I haven't posted here...

Back in June, I opened my own fitness center! For anyone who's been following all along (or long enough), you know that keeping my body moving is a priority. You know that I exercised whenever I could through treatment. You know that my oncologist attributed my good health to my relative ease of side effects through treatment. You know that since the active cancer experience ended, I've completed three triathlons.

You might not know that years ago, before cancer was part of my daily living, I was quite heavy. I changed how I ate, I started exercising, I lost weight, I felt (feel) great. Baby steps. No fad diet. No hours upon hours on a treadmill. Lifestyle changes. Pieces I could handle when I could handle them.

You might know that I am a teacher. I teach elementary band for a living, but really, in my essence, I am A Teacher. I can't imagine a career that had no teaching component in it, regardless of the content.

Put this all together, and you have Second Chance FitCenter. I converted a room in my house into a studio. I want to help people who want to make changes to their lives, whether it's because they want to lose weight, they want to reclaim their bodies during or after cancer, or they just want to be in better shape (to whatever that means to them). I'm not your go-to gal if you want to shave half an hour off your marathon time.

Sound interesting? Take a look at my website: You'll find my story, my services, my philosophy, testimonials from those who have been working out with me since April (I've been certified that long and took on a few "practice clients" before opening my doors to the public), links to reviews on Yelp and Merchant Circle, my contact info.

Check it out, pass it on.