Thursday, May 28, 2009

it seems like so long ago

I was just thinking tonight, while getting my ass kicked all over the place in spin class, that two years ago, I was in the hospital waiting for the results of the biopsy to tell me what kind of cancer I had. Tomorrow is the anniversary of getting the answer, and Sunday is the anniversary of chemo starting.

It is almost surreal.

It feels like a really long time ago. So much just plain ol' living has happened since then. How fabulous is that?

I am grateful to have a healthy body, and I'm doing my part to keep it that way!


Tam said...

I've just had my one year "anniversary" from diagnosis. In the beginning (and during) the idea of being on the other end treatment seemed so far away... now looking back treatment seems so far away.
Treatment may or may not be done entirely, but I can't wait to one day be two years out of all this like you.

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