Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm 3 for 3, baby!

I had a doctor's appointment this afternoon (that I managed not to miss...), at which I got the results of Monday's PET scan.

It's negative!!

I'm not terribly surprised, but with this little swollen node thing going on in my neck, there was a larger-than-average possibility that it would have not turned out so well...

Speaking of that node ... the doc asked if I'm OK with it, which I am (for now). He said that if it's really a problem for me, that he would be OK with taking it out, but that if I'm not freaking out, that a wait-and-see approach would be fine.

I see the radiologist on Monday. The oncologist said to be sure to get his opinion about it.

That's all the health news on this front. Another hair picture in a week or so - it's getting long!

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